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Alfa Movers can help you arrange for professional cleaning or handyman services to help you address just this sort of issue both at origin and destination.  Our professional handyman services can be on hand to assist you with the last minute repairs and patch ups just before you hand back your property and can be used to add the finishing touches to a new home.

  • Handyman job
  • Maintenance work​​
  • Painting & Plastering​
  • Electrical & Plumbing works​
  • Commercial & Residential Cleaning
  • Move Out or Move In Cleaning / Spring Cleaning
  • Labour charge service
Piano Moving

Organ and Piano are fragile and needs extra care. You need to team up with a group of professional packers to make sure the relocation of the piano will be safe and sound.  

Firstly, packers need to make sure that all the edges of the piano are being well covered with foam to protect he edges.
Secondly, to protect piano's mechanism and outer casing from damage during the relocation, our team make sure there is enough man power for the job and they are also armed with the right tool and equipment for the different type and sizes of piano. As part of our dedication and professionalism, we take special care on the mechanical locking devide for the old vintage safe and for the modern day safe and electronic digital safe on the digital number panel. 

This ensure the safe is functional once delivered to designated location.

Please fill up necessary information & we will revert in 24 hours.
About us

We emphasis on service satisfaction and build our name through-out the moving industries as a strong company's contractor in Singapore.

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Alfa Movers Services
280 Woodlands Industrial Park E5
#10-39 Harvest @ Woodlands
Singapore 757322 

Tel: +65 6910 1863

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